The ceramic process is not always predictable. Clay is available in a variety of conditions, ranging from runny, soft and malleable to the hard and can be processed using a variety of techniques. My experimental testing and works oscillate between chaos and order.

Traditional knowledge and experiments with materials, often works out as contemporary ceramic design. To feel one´s way between shape, material, glazes and temperatures is incredibly challenging. I’m trying to make use of what works, and looking for my own expression, sometimes in control, sometimes between control, chance and coincidence.


Desire, concentration and also spontaneous involvement make me sometimes completely unaware of other matters than work.
My sculptural objects and conceptual installations are often based on my interest of and curiosity on the outside world, the people, and what happens to us in the social and cultural. These issues push on the artistic process.


I do smaller series of objects and also unique items for private home or public environment. Here the highlights are form, line, material and surface character.


Periodically, I am working with visual art.

It is exciting when routines and obligations are thrown away, anything can happen. I almost feel that I’m set against a wall, forced to make different choices and make boundaries between ideas, and known and unknown processes.